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After much researching, today I finally bought a Netgear WGR614 for my home network. The other routers I looked at included Netgear WGU624, Linksys WAP54G and SMC 7804WBRA. Though I'm planning to get a Media Center Extender, decided that WGR614 is best value for money as the MCE would also work with my 802.11g.

The setup went thru with out a hitch - it hooked up with my ADSL Modem in a snap - configuring the wireless network for 128 bit encryption and WEP happened in a snap. Netgear sure makes things simply with its intuitive Admin UI. It took less than 30 mins from opening the package to going wireless. The router sure looks neat on my desk too, I could have well hidden it under the table (i would have defn. done that if it were the SMC one, it sure looks like Darth Vader ;-) ) but I prefer keeping it on the table cause of its cute looks.

I use a U.S Robotics USR805410 PCMCIA card on my Laptop, it seems to say that it connects to the wireless network @ a blazing 125 MBPS - need to run a few tests to determine the actual speed.

Overall, pretty happy with the router - its a neatly designed product, esp. impressed with the setup.


Posted on Monday, February 14, 2005 5:28 PM | Back to top

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