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After submitting several abstracts for the code camps in the surrounding area, I now have my October planned and what a busy time it will be!  Having recently returned from the Raleigh Code Camp, which was a fantastic event(many thanks to the organizers for putting together such a well run event for the developer community), I learned that I’ll also be speaking at the NoVa and Philly.NET Code Camps.  So in addition to attending some excellent sessions and catching up with some geek friends, I’ll also have the opportunity to share some of my favorite .NET topics with folks taking time out of their busy Saturdays to enrich their .NET knowledge.

Hope to see you at some of the upcoming events…

Richmond Code Camp 2009.2

On October 3rd, Richmond Code Camp (RCC2009.2) will be held at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  I attended this code camp in the spring and met several great folks in the community while attending some insightful sessions which proved useful over the summer at work.  The folks at Richmond run a great event and their hard work shows.  It looks like this fall’s Richmond code camp is going to be even better!  The session list is amazing.  I will be presenting “Developing WPF Applications with Prism”  and “Building Loosely Coupled Applications with Unity – Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control” at Richmond.  I love both of these topics because I’ve found them to be useful for developing applications at the office, plus I love pluggable architectures.

NoVA CodeCamp 2009.2

Nova Code Camp will be held at the Microsoft Office Facilities in Reston, VA on October 10th.  A few years ago, I attended this well executed quality event and I’ve been participating in the developer community ever since.  I be presenting my “Building Loosely Coupled Applications with Unity – Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control” session.  I cannot express in words how much I love this topic.  You might say I’m a BIG fan of pluggable architectures.  Come to the session and you’ll see why.

Philly.NET Code Camp 2009.2

On October 17th, Philly.NET Code Camp will be held at DeVry University in Fort Washington, PA.  This code camp was awesome in the spring and from the looks of the schedule, fall will be no different.  I have at least one coworker making the trip with me this fall.  The lineup of speakers/sessions is phenomenal.  With this lineup, I think the only quandary is which sessions to attend.  Regardless of which session you attend, you cannot go wrong.  I’ll be trying something a little different at Philly.NET by presenting a beginner session on”Exceptional Exception Handling and Automatic Memory Management.”  So many times I’ve seen applications lacking good exception handling, so I thought I would try to bring some attention to the topic.   


Okay…a shameless plug for the Frederick .NET UG October 28th meeting.  Antonio Chagoury is scheduled to present “Mash-Up Your DotNetNuke Using RESTful APIs.”  DotNetNuke has not yet been presented at a FredNUG meeting and I know numerous folks are already excited to find out more about it from an obvious expert on the topic.


On November 10th, I’m scheduled to speak at PGHDOTNET on “Building Loosely Coupled Applications with Unity – Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control.”  I did a variation of this talk at several spring code camps.  This is another one of those topics that evolved because of the amount of dependency injection used in today’s applications.  While it still seems to be a niche topic, many attendees told me after my spring sessions that they really had a much better understanding of the topic.  I spoke at the spring PGHDOTNET Code Camp and I look forward to seeing the folks again.

Get Involved in the Development Community

Last, but not least, get out and participate in the development community!  I was surprised how many user groups and code camps were located not that far away.  You can check-out Community Megaphone or INETA and find the events or user groups near you.  I encourage you to attend or maybe even speak at an event.  You will not be disappointed, there’s always some nugget or granule to be found at a community event session.

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