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Unless you have been hiding under a rock you have seen the numerous articles out there pitting Microsoft against Google. A think a lot of the fools buying this bunch of crap are Microsoft haters still lamenting the downfall of Netscape and still wondering why Apple isn't the corporate desktop standard. I know rich web apps, software as a service, and open source is a threat to Microsoft's current marketshare but Office, Windows, IE, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc, etc, etc are safe for a very long time to come.

Some links. Just read the hokie bullcrap and salivate at the stupidity of others. (And there are hundreds or 'others' out there).


I have to think that even though I use Google exclusively as a search engine, Google Reader, GMail, and GoogleTalk, they are only a pimple on the ass of society when compared to Microsoft.

Also, since I am rambling on like mad, can anyone comment on the data warehouse Microsoft is using for MSN Search? Is it a SQL Server cluster? I am just wondering since the searches are as fast if not faster than Google.

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I thin what MSN better whan Google .
Left by Siji on Jun 02, 2006 4:58 AM

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