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No Fun Intended Shoo! You are debugging the crap outta me!

I am aghast at my lack of posts lately but I have a few things going on that are taking most of my time up.

  1. NTeam - We are really moving along. The project design is almost all done and the coding is about to commence. I love design and would not dare tackle a project of this size without some semblance of a goal in mind but I can truly understand why some of the great minds out there really loathe big design up front. We have NOT went at NTeam with BDUF but sometimes it seems that way. I guess the worse part is the fact that since this is an open source project, sometimes key contributors are not around to, well, contribute. Also, several key members including the project's co-owner have had to abandon the project because of work or life problems or just general lack of interest. That makes it really hard to get anything done as I am sure some of you can readily testify to.
  2. Job Change - I am such a mercenary. This is the third time I have changed jobs in the last two years. I really hate changing jobs and especially searching for a job but each time has been for valid reasons. Anyway, I think I will like where I am now so I think I am actually somewhere I intend to stay.
  3. Synergy :: CRM - When I am not at work, playing with my kids, loving on my wife, or working on NTeam, I have been developing a web-based CRM application I am calling Synergy :: CRM. I am developing it in ASP.NET 2.0 so of course, lots to learn and I am really trying to do it right the first time, extending the existing server controls, writing my own custom authentication provider, etc. I am really loving MasterPages but the project is only about 10 or 15% finished.
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