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I have a fundamental question to ask everyone: Is there a difference in quality, speed of production, time to market, etc when feature cramming is used instead of feature adding?  When I say feature cramming, I mean, cramming every feature possible into a product as quickly as possible instead of creating, nurturing, documenting, and refactoring features.

I have seen “cramming” in many projects and I haven’t liked the results.  I think that the desire to be first to market and customer requests drive cramming.  Being first is always important, of course, but I feel it would be better to put out a solid product.

So, is there a difference?  And if there is, what is it?

Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:48 AM Methods & Madness , Musings & Ramblings , Patterns, Practices, Architecture | Back to top

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Oh, I think there's a huge difference. In fact, I see it in the project that I lead right now. I am the lead architect/designer/developer on the project and have 1 other person to help out. We're slowing on the feature cramming but it basically boiled down to "let's put this new feature in, get it working and move on to the next". The problem is that feature is not fully implemented. When feature cramming, I think you implement just what's needed and no more. It's then time to move on knowing you will revisit when the time comes. Giving more time to work on a feature to mature it is definately the better way to go, but keep in mind a competitor is feature cramming and will have more. I'm rambling now but yes, there is a difference. Is it bad or good? I don't think it matters so long as the finished product is high quality.
Left by Mark Schmidt on Apr 14, 2004 10:34 AM

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