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I got back a few days ago from an incredible trip to Greece and France.  My girlfriend Lisa and I flew into Athens, spent a day there, then went to three Greek islands.  Then Lisa went to hang with a friend in Italy for a week while I went to Paris for two days.  It was an incredible trip, I highly recommend it.  I do recommend making a map/list of all Internet stations in the places you'll be visiting before you leave.  While they were easy to find in the main towns in Greece, they were very difficult to find in Paris.  I was able to connect my PDA to the Pompidou museums free wireless Internet and send some emails, and I think the City of Paris might offer free wireless Internet in a few places, but I wasn't able to find them (I didn't have my PDA on the whole time I walked).

The first island we stopped at in Greece was Mykonos, the party island.  The Chora (a.k.a. Hora, main town on the island) there was fantastic, really beautiful with cobblestone walkways between whitewashed two-story buildings.  It was very crowded though, and sort of loud at night.  Plus you take your life into your hands walking anywhere in Greece (or Europe really) with the way people drive.  In the afternoon we took a bus to Agios Ioannis, a super nice beach that was pretty laid back.

The second island we went to was Naxos, a more laid back island.  We rented an ATV and drove around the southwestern quarter of the island, which was incredibly fun.  The Chora there is really nice too.

The last island we went to was Santorini, well known for being a beautiful caldera.  Oia was awesome, Fira was cool, and Perissa was a fantastic beach.  We rented an ATV here as well, which I highly recommend.  We stayed in Kamari, which is a really nice beach town, but the beaches there are made of large rocks instead of small sand, and as you get in the water you have to pass by several feet of slippery solid rock, and I'm amazed I didn't fall and break my arm.  I'll post pics of Greece when Lisa gets back with those pictures.

Even though I only had two days in Paris, I saw almost everything I wanted to see, and it was wonderful.  I only experienced one instance of snobbery (don't eat at the Montecristo on the Champs-Elysees, the food was average and the service was terrible).  Here are my pictures from Paris:


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I'm in the process of planning a honeymoon to greece for 6/08. We were looking at 2 nights in Athens, 5 nights mykonos, and 3 nights in santorini. However, I was thinking of cutting out a few days from greece and maybe head to southern france. How far is it? Are there ferries that go that way? Do you have any suggestions?
Left by Tania on Sep 27, 2007 3:10 AM

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Hi Tania. That would be an insanely long ferry ride, especially if you only have ten days. I've never been to the southern part of France, but I'm sure it's great, so I would recommend cutting a few days out of Mykonos and taking planes from Santorini to Marseille if you want to maximize your beach time. You might be best off with your original plan, though I would recommend stopping at Naxos for a couple of the days you've assigned to Mykonos.
Left by Alex Bransky on Sep 27, 2007 4:37 AM

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