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Here's a list of people who baffle me (no offense or ire intended):

  • People over age 18 who act like they never heard of global warming until they saw "the Al Gore movie" and are now all for fighting it (though it's better than them pretending it doesn't exist).
  • People who can't handle a 4-way stop (more than 4 can get confusing though).
  • People who enjoy Nascar and/or country music.
  • People who watch So You Think You Can Dance and aren't extremely annoyed by the female judge.
  • People who enter a restaurant within half an hour of closing time and expect to be served well beyond closing time.
  • People who honestly oppose gay marriage because it's not traditional (rather than because they're homophobic or like to have a group they can feel superior to).
  • People who use LISP to program for Windows, particularly when .Net is the company standard.  But I guess if that's what you're used to...
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