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Some stuff about biodiesel:

  • biodiesel sales in the United States increased from 500,000 gallons in 1999 to 75 million gallons in 2005
  • biodiesel comes in many forms, and is often mixed with petrol diesel (a mixture containing 20% biodiesel and 80% petrol diesel is called B20)
  • biodiesel reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by 50-70% when compared to gasoline, and by 70-80% when compared to petroleum diesel, depending on whom you ask and on the energy used to manufacture it
  • harmful emissions in general are much lower with biodiesel compared to gasoline, although nitrogen oxide emissions are slightly higher (10-25% higher than petrol diesel)
  • biodiesel, as commonly produced today, is not renewable: methanol is predominantly used instead of ethanol to lower the viscosity of the final product, and the source of the methanol is generally fossil fuels
  • unless energy use decreases significantly, biodiesel is not a long-term solution: some estimates say that 90% of the arable land in the U.S. would need to be devoted to biodiesel source production for biodiesel to replace petroleum use
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