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I've been using the the Windows 8 RTM from MSDN for a week but the more of my normal software I load onto the machine the more awkward it becomes using the new 'Metro' (yes I know that name is now not used) 'Start' screen. Yes, you can oraganise your programs in groups, or you can add them to the Quick Launch bar, or you can create alphabetic folders on the desktop but sorry Microsoft, none of these are as logical as the alphabetic Start menu of previous Windows versions.

Fortunately the good people at Stardock have a solution in 'Start8', which brings the Start Menu we know and love back to Windows 8. It's still in Beta and the current one runs out in October.

I'm looking forward to the final release and like lots of other users, I'll be happy to pay for this.

Lets hope Microsoft either reinstate the Start Menu in the first service pack or gives us a usable alternative. In the meantime, here's an excellent solution.


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