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On April 22nd I will be making the trek over to Alabama along with others such as Paul Lockwood, Mark Dunn, Wally McClure, and Jom Wooley You can view the current speaker list here

I will be giving two presentations.

Aspect Oriented Programming (chalk talk)
Aspect Oriented Programming (Part 1: Method Injection) - Aspect Oriented Programming is quickly growing in popularity in many environments. This presentation is an introductory level presentation examining some problems that AOP can solve as well as how AOP works behind the scenes. The presentation will also look in some detail at two open source AOP frameworks for .NET (Aspect# and nAspect) but will include information (most importantly the differences) between many of the available frameworks. The domain driven design presentation is again heavily chalk board based but also includes slides.

Domain Driven Design
Domain Driven Design - Domain Driven Design (DDD) has taken the Java world by storm and has been slowly moving its way into the enterprise areas of .NET development. DDD focuses on a return to object oriented modelling and a on communication through the use of an ubiquitous language. This presentation focuses on the basics of DDD and moves towards applying those concepts in a modern .NET environment.


Oh and I might have some goodies with me .. Hope to see you there!


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