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A while ago I wrote a CDO replacement library that I figured may be useful to others, it is open source under the BSD license it can be found at

I have also added some additional functionality to the library if you do not use the CDO mail attachment object to create your email. One thing I have been asked quite a few times in the past has been how to mail an attachment from a stream or other medium without the need to create a temp file. The EmailAttachment object has a static method on it which will handle this for you, .FromSteam() as well as a constructor that takes a byte array.

Since the library speaks directly to SMTP servers, a few other features are possible. The first of these is the ability to attempt to verify an email address with the remote server in order to validate the email during entry. Another feature which is available is the ability to directly send emails (as opposed to relay) as it allows you to get immediate feedback from the remote server as to the deliverability of the message.



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