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Since I encountered this exception now at 2 customer installations, I have decided to say some things about it here: I don't know why - but in both cases MS CRM Exchange Router stopped working after 2 weeks (this is no joke). Of cource users were complaining that emails didn't show up in CRM anymore. When I checked the event log, I found many error messages of the same type. They were all some kind of
Microsoft.Crm.Tools.ExchangeConnectorService.ExchangeSinkServiceException because of unauthorized access (401). After some google and NG search I tried several workarounds like changing the service credentials, checking security groups (PrivUserGroup), giving mailbox rights, or playing around with delegation. But the only effect was that I got another ExchangeSinkServiceException. This exception stated that the email message that should be attached to CRM could not be checked.
The next thing I did was to find out how Exchange Router and CRM process emails. It turned out the router calls a webservice on CRM server (CheckIncoming ) with the Message ID. Since the second exception was some kind of server error (500) I figured out that CRM could have problems connecting to Exchange Router email box. So I decided to run the Exchange Router Service with the credentials of the user who owns the MS CRM Exchange Router mail box (because this user should not have any problems connecting to his own mail box). I don't know if this is correct, but CRM seems to connect back to Exchange and does some checking involving the CRM tracking token (or something completely different ;-). In addition I added the user to the PrivUserGroup so that the user account has sufficient privileges to create emails in CRM. Doing that the first webservice call did work correctly. Using a second webservice (DeliverIncoming) Exchange Router then created the email in CRM.
So if you encounter this exception and don't find a solution, try the following:

1. Add the user account owning the CRM Exchange Router mail box to PrivUserGroup.
2. Change the credentials of CRM Exchange Email Router Service to this user account.

Hf ;-)

P.S. I really don't know if the above explanation has something to do with reality. Probably it is complete nonsense. :-)

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 11:56 AM | Back to top

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I have same problem. Please do you know, how to use LocalSystem or Network Service for running CRM router service? I can not use domain account! Please help me...
Left by Yetti on Jun 15, 2006 1:38 PM

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Hi Yetti

If you are unable to use a domain account, make sure ...

1. Exchange Server Computer is in PrivAccessGroup
2. Explicitly add the Exchange Computer to the CRM Exchange Router Mail Box with full access.

Many people out there have problems using localsystem account and yet there is no satisfying solution that I know. But since the domain user for the exchange router already exists I can think of no reason why you could not use it. Anyway have a look there (maybe something of it helps you):
Left by Guenter on Jun 19, 2006 6:01 AM

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Hi, nice post. I have a question.

Do you know how to get the router to talk SSL to the /MSCRMServices virtual folder?

Here is my setup. I had IIS set to Require SSL on the entire CRM site. Also I'm using a wildcard certificate with SSL host headers. When the Exchange Router tried to connect to the CRM web service I would get a could not establish trust relationship error.

The certificate is a selfssl.exe job and has been "installed" (using IE) on all machines, so it should be fully trusted.

To workaround this I still have Require SSL on the root CRM site, but I took it off of the /MSCRMServices virtual folder. I also had to change the beginning of the following registry value to http instead of https:

This seems to be working, but I would still prefer to have this work with SSL enabled on the entire CRM site. Any thoughts on this?
Left by Anthony on Sep 20, 2006 8:35 PM

# re: MS CRM 3.0 ExchangeSinkServiceException
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Hf, you are amazing...I was chasing this problem down 4ever...I only wish I saw this post a day earlier...THANKS!
Left by idtpes on May 29, 2008 8:20 AM

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