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A new version has been released and it includes many bug fixes and lots missing functionality implementation mainly with in the DataGridView control. There are also lots of new features that had been requested by developers including redirecting, clipboard support, Invoking client side scripts, Calendar first day support, ListView auto resize and more.

The DataGridView control has been added many missing implementations including selection management and events, deleting rows, resizing columns and rows, changing captions and visibility, alternative row style and more. You should be aware that previous versions of VWG had added the DataGridView control with lots of unnecessary definitions. While not harmful in the previous version, in the new one those different properties are working and could cause unwanted behaviors. You should clean up the InitializeComponent code from the different DataGridView definitions keeping only the positioning,dimensioning and data source attributes.

We are currently also working on a Vista theme that will be released soon. The site demo has already updated to work with the new theme.

For a more detailed change see the issue tracker here.

As always you can download the latest version from here.

Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2007 8:21 PM Frameworks , Visual WebGui , Web | Back to top

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