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Server based AJAX for enterprise applications – Solving the AJAX security issue and enhancing AJAX productivity and manageability
AJAX has been breaking new grounds almost every day, with over 150 AJAX frameworks, there are plenty of options to choose from and one might say too many. Most of the AJAX frameworks provide you with browser extension libraries that will help you utilize the browser and interact with the server in a more productive way. What they are trying to do in most cases is to provide larger building blocks to achieve your goals by abstracting the calls to the browser API and to the server. The last is a significant ......

Posted On Sunday, April 29, 2007 3:25 AM

What is Visual WebGui ?
Visual WebGui is.... User-Friendly – Visual WebGui was designed to be the next VB6 for the web. Simple to program, simple to deploy. With a full WinForms API and design time support you can start developing complex AJAX applications in seconds with no web know-how. Secured – Visual WebGui was designed to provide for military grade secured AJAX applications by eliminating client side service consumption and business logic processing using an empty client concept. The browser is used as a looking glass ......

Posted On Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:58 PM

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