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Version is available and contains lots of bug fixes and some new exciting features that had been requested by many developers. This is a partial list of the changes (See change log to a more detailed list):

Localizing Visual WebGui internal resources support - All of Visual WebGui internal resources where gathered into one resx file that will be available for download and translation. The compiled localized assembly resources will be available from the download area titled "language pack". The compiled resources assembly should be added to the Visual WebGui bin directory under a directory matching the culture code (.NET standard). The language pack will contain the resx file so developers can localize them to there own language. Localized files should be sent to with the related language culture code in this format xx-XX (example en-US). The language pack will be updated in a every time a new resx file or updates to an existing one will be available.

Custom date formating - The DateTimePicker control now supports the CustomFormat property which enables to define the date format as your users are used to. The date format also include the ability to edit time and to use enumeration instead of integers (Month,Day and AM/PM enumerations). To preserve compatibility with existing applications we added configuration keys which enables to define the default DateTimePicker format as it was before this enhancement (It does not prevent you from using the custom format attribute but provides you a way to define the Long,Short and Time built in formats). By default a DateTimePicker is initialized with the Long format.

These are the configuration keys (values are formated in the WinForms DateTimePicker custom format syntax):

<LongDateFormat Value="MM/dd/yyyy"/> 

<ShortDateFormat Value="MM/dd/yyyy"/>

<TimeFormat Value="hh/mm/ss tt"/>

Support None anchoring - This feature which is a WinForms feature provides you the ability to position controls relative to the center. This means that if you position a control and remove both its left anchoring and right anchoring it will stay in the horizontal position relative to the center you assigned. This means that you can center controls with out doing complex layouts. If you remove all anchoring definitions the control will be position relatively to its original distance from the design time container center.

Added support for Application.ThreadException - This is a static event that provides you with a mechanism to catch unhandled errors. By handling this event you prevent unhandled errors sent you your user. Instead you can catch this error and display a friendly error or you can choose to email this error automatically to the system administrator.

ASP compatible mode - Visual WebGui now supports working in ASP compatible mode which provide your application the same threading model (Single Threaded Apartment) as classic ASP applications. This enables you to use single threaded apartment components from your old ASP application. This feature is an implementation of the ASPCompat mode of the ASPX pages so you can read about it in the ASP.NET documentation.

ErrorProvider design time and run time support - The new ErrorProvider provides the same capabilities as the WinForms component meaning that you can attach an error icon to any control which is anchored or positioned in a table layout. This feature is demonstrated here in a video tutorial.

Full ToolBar support - The new ToolBar allows to add text aligned to the right or to the bottom and to change the button size using larger icons. To implement a large icon layouted ToolBar you have to use the ImageList control (the same way you would have done it in WinForms). This feature is demonstrated here in a video tutorial.

Embedding Visual WebGui in an ASPX page - This is enabled thanks to a new control that was added to the library called FormBox. The FormBox control is an ASP.NET control that can be used from an ASPX page to embed Visual WebGui forms. The FormBox comes with an Arguments and Results collections to enable to interaction between the Visual WebGui application and the container ASPX page. You can see a demonstration of this feature at the end of this video tutorial. 

Enhanced designer support - Many critical bugs where fixed and lots of improvements to control's design time support such as the StatusBar control and the ErrorProvider control. There are still known bugs regarding working with menus in VS2003 and some missing design time features such as Copy/Paste that will be added and fixed in the next versions.

For a more detailed change see the issue tracker here.

As always you can download the latest version from here.

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Hi I want to convert visual webgui page into page?
I tried the steps given in tutorial
I am getting object reference error.
Can u pls help me get rid of this error?
Can u pls send me the steps to convert .wgx file into .aspx?
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