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In my opinion the last two versions of Visual WebGui including this one shows why it's a killer environment. When building super complex apps comes to dragging three components to a design surface and writing a few lines of code to bind them together this sounds like a RAD product. But Visual WebGui does not assume what you want to do. It just takes care of the “how” and leaves you only with the “what”. You see I have recently learned that modeless dialogs in IE are working as a separate thread and therefore you can not work properly with an XMLHTTP object that was not created by the modeless window. How much time would you burn figuring this out. Well who gives a dam it is already part of the internals of Visual WebGui.

Any way take for example this app here (You can click the image to enlarge):

You have a ScheduleBox control which is a new Visual WebGui control working with a DataGridView which is also a new addition to the Visual WebGui environment and you have a PropertyGrid that enables you to change the current displayed date and view and so on.... Definitely not something you would normally encounter when browsing to a URL that does not install anything. You have a fully working DataGridView binded to the events collection of the ScheduleBox control. Every change you do in the DataGridView will automatically reflect in the ScheduleBox in the middle. Say you change the subject of an event or the duration it will automatically update in a friction of a second sending no more then 1KB and receiving no more the 1KB updating the view to reflect exactly your change.

You have the PropertyGrid which is binded to editing the ScheduleBox control just by assigning the SelectedObject property of the PropertyGrid the reference to the ScheduleBox control. Immediately you get full control over the ScheduleBox you can apply border you can change its current displayed date and you can change its view.

Would you believe that all this can be done with this code:

Well I love it, no scripts, no HTML, no pages, no requests, no XML just plain old read it and execute OOP code. I guess I sound kind of excited, drunk on my own alcohol, but for me it is a dream come true. I remember days when I was coding tones of JavaScript lines thinking that there most be another way.

Well mark my words, these days are over.

Any way as always you can find the new version here:


Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2006 11:35 AM Visual WebGui , Web | Back to top

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hi...I have a problem with property ClearSelection() of DataGridView...that function doesn't work in Visual web Gui..Help please
Left by Carlos lino on Nov 16, 2009 9:14 AM

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