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I'm still enjoying the old Wrox “C# Threading Handbook“ I just wish it was still supported.  I kinda wish they would update the whole “Handbook“ series for VS2005.  The only problem is that their original price point was a little high.  There were something 8 or 12 books in the series, and I've had no problem paying $5 - $13 dollars for them used.  And I'd probably be willing to go $20 - $25 on them new, but the list price in 2003 for the 260 page threading handbook was $40.00.  From a publishing standpoint, I can see why the series died.


Anyway, on to today's “C# Threading Handbook“ errata.


Found a neat bug in chapter 2 while working on pausing a thread.


The code in the book has the pause code wrapped by this if statement

if (primeNumberThread.ThreadState == ThreadState.Running)


and that would be well and good, assuming that this example code wasn't spending most of it's time in a sleep mode so that the programmer had some time to see this cool threading stuff work.


The line of code should be

if( primeNumberThread.ThreadState == ThreadState.Running


        primeNumberThread.ThreadState == ThreadState.WaitSleepJoin)

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:05 PM Stupid Code Tricks | Back to top

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