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It's a great movie, isn't it? It is based on a very good short story by Philip K. Dick, but we are here to talk about a particular point about the film, not the short story. Everybody probably remembers the computer with which Chief John Anderton looks at and plays with the images sent by the pre-cogs. It had two amazing features: the glass screen and an amazing interface.

Minority Report Interface

Think about it, a multi-touch screen built with transparent LEDs and instead of "touch" it would receive signals from multi magic mice, one in each finger, and you've got yourself a Minority Report interface. The multi-touch screen that has been developed by Jefferson Y. Han's team already seems to have some of the interface concepts used in Minority Report, which looks great.

So, am I dreaming here? Could we have that soon? I would absolutely love that. Actually, the biggest change here is the software interfaces that were changed to accept the multi-touch, which is amazing; I've been waiting for a big change on the way we interface with software for a while. It seems very natural to interact with software like that, doesn't it? At least on the demo video.

I don't know who was an inspiration to whom, but I'm hoping this comes to our reality as soon as possible and I hope someone takes my idea and puts the three technologies I linked here together to create this amazing device!

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007 5:51 PM Technology | Back to top

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