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Star Wars!
Sorry... I had to post this. :) Today, at 00:01, I was inside a movie theater, starting to watch Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. THAT WAS FANTASTIC! There were people dressing like a Jedi Knight, and there were people with light sabres. They even staged a fight with the light sabres, before the movie began. This movie was special because everything is explained... How Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, and all... I just LOVED it. :) Star Wars is a great series, one of the best ever! It's a ......

Posted On Thursday, May 19, 2005 10:44 AM

Another Article is out.


Just wanted to say that another article for developing a Tetris® clone is out. Check it here:

Posted On Friday, May 6, 2005 7:47 PM

New version of Another Block
I'm very excited about this. :) My precious little game, Another Block, has a new version.The interface is much better, with colorful blocks (thanks to Gianfranco), sounds (thanks to me. ;)) and some small features that, after playing for a while, we found out that some things were better, some weren't, and some things were needed (thanks to Hervan). Anyway, here is the link to download its setup file: http://prdownloads.sourcefo... you want ......

Posted On Friday, May 6, 2005 4:28 PM

XNA Studio
I just found out that Microsoft will release what it seems to be a very powerful tool for game developers: XNA Studio. They have announced it at the Game Developers Conference in March (so, maybe I'm a little late telling you people this "news"). I'm just posting this here because I got really excited about it! It seems that it will be an awesome tool. I read that it is based on the Visual Studio 2005 Team System, and for what I've checked in the beta version of VS 2005, that is a great tool. Anyway, ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 4, 2005 6:09 PM

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