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image Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) is out and the incredible thing is that Microsoft has provided this operating system (OS) for free to the entire world. They will only let you download the OS for a limited time – so if you are thinking of getting it – you should be getting your hands on a copy of it as quick as you can. Microsoft is offering both a 32bit or a 64bit version that you can download. This is NOT the final version of the OS though – that is something to be aware of. If you install this OS, then you will have to install it again at some point. Though – it is important to note that this RC build will be valid till June of 2010 – so you have some time that you can use it.

The final version of Windows 7 will be coming out this Fall (according to all speculation) – so most of us will be doing another install in another four months or so. I have to say that my recommendation is that you make the install of the RC build. This is a great release – even better than the Beta release.

If you were working with the Beta release of Windows 7, you will find that there are new additions to this release of the operating system. Some of the first things you will notice is the UI changes that have occurred. It is even more cool (IMHO) than before in this regard. In the beginning, when you need to login to the machine – you will see the following screen:


This includes a burst of streams and a bird, a couple of branches, etc. A little like Twitter IMHO. You will find that there is a lot more themes and backgrounds that you are able to work with as well.


When you personalize the appearance of the OS, you will find a lot more options as is shown in the following image. You are able to select larger themes such as Architecture, Characters, Landscapes, and more. This will change the colors, sounds, and the screen saver. You can modify these further and you can then save that as your own theme.

One nice new feature is that Windows 7 now includes the ability to change the wallpaper on a set interval. By default, each theme has a series of wallpapers assigned to it, but you can also point it at any set of photos that you might have. You are then able to change how often the wallpaper should change and if it should be shuffled or not.

NOTE: The Windows team has a great post about the wallpapers that they came up with here.

For those that are new to Windows 7, you will also find that there is a new taskbar on this OS.


You will find that the Quick Launch toolbar is now gone and this new toolbar is meant to replace the previous (obviously). Seeing an application on the taskbar doesn’t mean that there is something there. It could mean that the application is “pinned” to the taskbar for quick access to that application. You can then open multiple versions of this application and you will see a “stack of cards” in the taskbar to signify that exactly. Then you can hover upon that stack and you will get little thumbnails of each open instance (as shown in the above figure). You are in total control of the toolbar (what is pinned, order, and more). One cool hotkey for this toolbar include the Windows key + number for opening the position of the application in the taskbar.

Some interesting items on Windows 7:

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For more features,screenshots,themes,buying guide
Left by pankaj on Aug 09, 2009 12:16 PM

# re: Get Windows 7 RC – It’s Free!
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Windows 7 looks really cool. Besides, it has been improved much more for the Vista. However, I'll live with XP for a while til the new Windows 7 is kinda stable.
Left by social bookmarking site on Aug 19, 2009 10:17 PM

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windows 7 looks good
Left by matthew walsh on Jan 28, 2010 10:35 AM

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