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I attended a session (title above) by the famous Doug Seven. Doug is always one of the better speakers out there and he covered how to construct your projects to work with various systems that improve the overall application and approach. Focus was put on unit tests and code coverage and the importance of incorporating these items into your development process. It is surprising to me that this is not yet the norm of application development. Again, I said this in a previous post, but development teams need to work to a continuous integration process and use tools that facilitate such activities.

Microsoft has done a lot in this space, but so has the open source community. I, myself, use aspects of both to give me exactly what I am looking for. For unit testing, I use Visual Studio. For our build process - we are using

The Code Coverage UI is not bad in Visual Studio and allows you to really drill into our code. NCover is the competition to this and provides more of a visual aspect to the coverage aspect of your code - but VS is definitely not bad. Looking at the code directly - Visual Studio is better and shows wonderful coloring to show which code is being covered and which code is not.


The other thing Doug presented is the integrated load test preparation capabilities that are built into Visual Studio. I haven't used the Visual Studio one myself, but instead, I have used ACT. I actually have a stand-alone version of ACT that was given to me from Microsoft and it is something that we have generated scripts for when we want to test our web pages as well as our ASMX and WCF services. The Visual Studio load testing features are a heck of a lot better than the ACT one. It definitely does a lot more for you around customization and visualization of your work and results.

Nice session overall.

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