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Session PRS 312
Title: ASP.NET: Future Directions Developing Rich Applications with "Atlas" (Part 1)
Speakers: Shanku Niyogi, Group Program Manager, Microsoft

This is one of the sessions I was really excited to see. The demo by ScottGu earlier in the keynote here at PDC 2005 in LA was outstanding. So, I really wanted to dig in more and see what “Atlas” was all about. This session was held in Hall C/D and MAN is it packed with people. There is definitely more than a thousand people here. I would think that they are going to have to repeat this session based upon demand.

Notes from the presentation:

  • ASP.NET Atlas. Easy to build the next generation of applications with richer user experiences.
  • Open development model by getting everyone the bits so early and Microsoft wants our feedback.
  • Atlas is a framework for building richer, more interactive, more personalized web experiences.
  • Without Atlas it is hard to do because you have to write lots and lots of DHTML and JavaScript.
  • In the demo, he added text to text and then clicked the save button to save the new text to the server - hard to explain in writing, but it was rather cool.
  • Architecture - Atlas Client Script Library for the client side
  • On the server side: ASP.NET Atlas Server Extensions built on top of ASP.NET 2.0
  • Third part of Atlas will talk about more in the coming months - Atlas Client Application Services - deals with local stores and browser integrations.
  • How do you build an application on top of this? It's the same as what you know. Build pages using the new libraries.
  • You need a rich type system and JavaScript really doesn't provide this. What we have done is provide a set of patterns on top of JavaScript to provide you with classes and types.
  • Atlas script core - a full type system for JavaScript
  • Classes and interfaces, inheritance, virtual and abstract methods
  • Enumerations and multi-cast event handlers similar to .NET
  • We will provide you with more tools that plug into VS2005 later.
  • Atlas Networking - Client networking stack layered on XMLHTTP using WebRequest, WebResponse, MethodRequest classes
  • ASP.NET Atlas Web Services Bridge provides access to ASP.NET - hosted and serviced components such as ASMX and WCF services, .NET objects, ASP.NET page-level services
  • Automatic client proxy generation
  • Integrated with ASP.NET intrinsics
  • Wire format: JavaScript object notation (JSON protocol)
  • TaskList.asmx will give you the standard Web services page, but typing TaskList.asmx/js will return the Javascript that Atlas builds for you.
  • Then type <script src=“TaskList.asmx/js“></script> in the page where you want to use this Web service.
  • Membership and role management and the other providers also work with Atlas (as you would expect).
  • We are working on as part of Atlas to have Intellisense which is not part of the preview today.
  • Building Web UI with Atlas - there are reusable building blocks (Web.Component). These are created declaratively or programmatically. Wired up through bindings and events. They manage their own lifetime.
  • UI components (Web.UI.Control) which are associated with DHTML UI elements.
  • There is automatic data bindings between components allowed.
  • You can wire up these components programmatically if you want.
  • You can also wire up these components declaratively (Atlas Declarative Script)
  • You can also wire up these components using ASP.NET server controls

Some sample code:

<atlas:ScriptManager runat=”server” ID=”ScriptManager1” />

<atlas:DataSource runat=”server” ID=”listDataSource” 
 ServiceUrl=”TaskListDataService.asmx” />

<atlas:ListView runat=”server” ID=”ListView1”>
      <atlas:Binding DataContext=”listDataSource” DataPath=”data” 
       Property=”data” />



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