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It seems that Google has an interesting new feature that they are testing out. You type in what you are searching for in their search box and suggestions (like Intellisense) start appearing. Pretty cool. It is also interesting to see what the most popular searches are from this as it gives you the most popular matches to what you are typing. For instance, typing “Bill” and then a space will cause the textbox to offer you:

Bill of rights
Bill Gates
Bill Clinton
Bill Orielly
Bill Maher
Bill Cosby
Bill Hicks
Bill of sale
Bill Bailey
Bill Frist

Typing in “Robert Scoble” and then a space offers you:

robert scoble blog
robert scoble thailand
robert scoble bangkok
robert scoble bangkok trail ...

Hmmmm .... Robert is there something you're not telling us! :)

Enjoy for yourself:

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