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Edgardo Vega's Blog Making it through the day one post at a time
This is my breakdown of the keynote. This is unedited and most likely filled
with spelling and grammar errors.
8:52 - Finally sitting down. Received a free Windows Update Services (WUS) CD
8:55 - The half the large screens as have Windows Media Player on them with
visualizations. On the other half the sponsors list keeps going by. Where is
Dell as a sponsor?? Usually Dell is a huge sponsor. Dell also doesn't have
8:59 - People still entering. Good music so far.
9:03 - Welcome everyone to TechEd. Telling everyone to shut off their cell
phones and pages. Also noted that we refrain from photography except the first
60 seconds of each presentation
9:10 - Starting
9:10 - Fake news show- The Techie Show with Samantha Bee. Making fun of IT
folks and how there are very few woman here.
9:12 - hy_Pod, Survivor IT (you will outsource at cut time), Google finding
oil, ebay went down b/c trying to get last two hotel rooms
9:14 - Yes MS Bee highly annoying so far.
9:15 - Steve on stage - Enabling People to Drive Business Success
9:16 - weeks full signup for TechEd show enthusiasm
9:17 - the next 10 years will be more exciting then the last ten years
9:18 - the new world of work - getting the right tools into the end user and
into the developers hands. A world where the information worker is at the
center of the workplace.
9:21 - why cant I get access to the information that is in the computer
system. Collaboration systems. All stuff that's not easy.
9:22 - New report from Samantha Bee Irritants IT Industry Induction
9:23 - free range information workers
9:24 - spoil brats of business
9:25 - top 5 requests
1. one identity and password
2. online presences
3. network access
4. synchronizations
5. self services
51/2. rights managements
9:27 - Back to Steve. Avandae customer video. Connecting people with
technology. People centric.
9:30 - Steve - summarizes video
9:32 - Design and Build (.NET), Applications Deployed and operated (Dynamic
System Imitative), Act & interacts (new world of work)
9:35 - Enable the New World of Work - Access without compromise, self-service
infrastructure, policy gives IT management control
9:40 - Anchoring in Active Directory - framework for security.
9:42 - Windows server everything runs on
9:44 - In the next 12 months
R2 innvotes banks, ADFS, storage
Compute Cluster Edition with distributed task scheduler
9:45 Announcing
Direct Mobile Messaging
Exchange 2003 SP2
Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0
Always up-to-date with Direct Push
Policy-based device security management
All you need included with Exchange
Devices available from over 40 OEMs
(Steve says that you will be able to whip the device clean if lost)
9:47 - DEMO!!! Mike Hall Think Pad Tablet on screen, announced toady. The video
was pretty horrible.
9:52 - Showing desktop search to find email
Showing longhorn now - filter on a folder by author, keyword, icon view
(pretty random to bring in longhorn)
Showing policy setting on Exchange 2003 for mobile devices
Showing the device (Symbol) with Windows Mobile 5.0 and connecting to active
sync over the air. Showed it getting wiped after 3 unsuccessful.
Showing Virtual Earth - to the CEO that the device need to go to and then
find a Starbucks
10:00 - Samantha Bee special report. Mediation interview. Mediation through
hand puppets.
10:06 - back to Steve
10:07 - Worldwide .NET Momentum 43%on .NET
- SQL Server 2005, BizTalk 2006, Visual Studio 2005 all on .NET 2.0
10:10 - 25049% better than .NET 1.1 up to 200% better than IBM Websphere base
on WSTEst1.1 create by Sun Microsystems
10:11 - DEMO Bj Holtgrewe
- power of Visual Studio use in Outlook 2003 all managed code (Mesto). Very
cool apps in Outlook.
10:16 - Video of VSTO office as a platform
10:19 - Quick mention of Office 12.
10:20 - making DSI real.SDM at the core at Visual Studio, SMS and MOM
10:21 - WS management - managing Sun products either running Solaris or
10:28 - Security Quality - Windows cost 13% -14% less to path than Linux
10:30 - Laptop warning that I have a low batter.
10:31 - announcing Microsoft Update - like windows update but for all
Microsoft products. Windows Update Agent.
10:32 - Steve does a summary. Laptop Est 12 minutes to lose all power, sorry
if I miss stuff from now on
10:35 - Steve done Samantha Bee is back joking about trying to get us back
tomorrow for connected systems.
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2005 8:09 AM | Back to top

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# re: Steve Ballmer Keynote
Requesting Gravatar...
hmm.. I see that yr laptop battery knocked itself off in about 1hr 40mins - U using a P4?? I hate Pentium M's too :-)
Left by Jeelz on Jun 12, 2005 2:41 AM

# re: Steve Ballmer Keynote
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Yes this laptop is using a P4. It is a hand me down and its been giving me lots a problems hopefully I will be able to get a new one shortly.
Left by Edgardo Vega on Jun 12, 2005 6:06 PM

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