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6:00AM (NZ Time) Well we made it to Wellingtion, but our luggages are still in transit… No Worries, what it’s important is our presence ;-).

Yesterday we went around to visit a bit, Wellington is a very cool city, I reminds me of San Fransisco with 1/10 of the population and with green (trees) everywhere.  I don’t have a good picture yet but I’ll post one when I do.  It’s a small city, not very dense population wise but very warm (the people not the temperature).  And speaking of temperature, I left home and it was the spring (getting warmer every day) and I landed in the winter (getting colder every day).  It’s now 8 degrees Celcius here (about 50 F).  A lot of things are similar to England as well the driving on the wrong side for one (British will arge the to contrary ;-) of course), 220 V and the city as a very european feel to it.

We will start the training in a few hours that will be fun.  I need to stand up a TFS while here also. Posted on Monday, May 15, 2006 11:31 AM Visual Studio Team System , Other | Back to top

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