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Well it’s 9:30AM EST and  1:30 AM (the next day) in Wellingtion. I’ve been on planes for 14 ½ hours with about 3 hours in airports (not bad).  I still have about  5h to get the get the Auckland then a little hop and I’ll land in welligton.

The adventure began in Montreal were Aaron and I departed for JFK on an Ambraer 60 seater (I really don’t like that plane).  When we got to JFK we had about 1 ½ hours to wait before leaving for LAX.  That leg was wayyy better since we got bumped into First Class.  Now I understand why it’s called First Class… boss I don’t want to fly economy again! (ya right!).  But this was an awesome experience to say the least.  Four course meal, nice selection of beverage and an independent DVD player with a selection of about 20 movies and the clincher so much leg room I couln’t touch the seat in front me with leg streched.  Now that’s was I call class ;-).

We met the third amigo Wayne in LAX and got delayed because they needed to fill more fuel into the very large plane we are flying to get to Auckland.  They got passengers out too.  Lucky us we are in Business.  Only problem no luggage, our bags didn’t make it on the plane…. We “should” have them delivered to our hotel during the day today… we’ll see.  The plane we are one is a double decker and we are on the top floor.  Nice.

We should be able to start the NZ rollout tomorrow after a day to recoup.  Can’t wait to meet our folks from there and have good VSTS discussions.

For those envious of the Jetset life we will lead in the next 8 weeks don’t forget that those trips are reallllly long and we stay a week in each location.


Where in the world are the three amigos today:  We will be in Wellington in a few hours


Cheers for now, back to trying to sleep (not easy)



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Yep, Neil and I went First Class when we went from UK to Seattle last year for the dev lab. Nice, isn't it.

BTW, my sister has been living in NZ for the past 2 years, but she's just travelled back to the UK for a short 2 week visit. Small world.
Left by Gavin on May 16, 2006 12:06 PM

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