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The impact of Generics on my coding (and Microsoft's coding)

I wonder how long it'll take Microsoft to update the common libraries that really need Generics (SqlClient comes to mind)...

If Microsoft would release those base class libraries into open source, you could have an army of people working in parallel on the issue, and the best would get included... Since .Net is basically given away free with the OS, why not throw that code right out there into the open source community? 

I know about Mono, and to a degree I don't really see the future of Mono ... they're always gonna be behind what Microsoft's doing... in my opinion Mono should turn into (and already is) turning into a Linux flavored version of .Net, adding in support via managed code to the GTK and Gnome UIs... and thats really cool... but we need something like the swing library in Java... where its kind of a generic simple window controls, and let the platforms specialize on “cool” windowing features...

So in a sense, you could build a code generator for the Swing UI that targets the specialized platforms... and keep Swing simple... basic Windows and minimal controls.

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