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A couple of days ago, I posted the general steps to create a Web Application using Central Administration for WSS 3.0. Now we are back from the past, and moving into SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Assumptions made here, you have access to the Central Administration tool, either by remotely accessing the site or by achieving access through RDP to the server.

First, we land at the main window for the Central Administration tool.

Once there, you will click on the Manage Web Applications on the Application Management section on the page.


From the ribbon, click on New


This will take you to another page  that will allow for you to enter the essential values to configure the Web Application.  What does essential values mean?  Providing information on the URL, port and Application Pool account to be used among other items.  Provide a different port from 80 if it is currently in use.  If deploying with TFS, important to remember are the ports used by TFS, Central Admin, SSRS, Build Server (if on the same server).





Make sure you also have an account ready for this purpose, this account will be the one used as the identity for the Application Pool that will host your Web App and therefore site collection too. In SharePoint Foundation 2010, the process behind the enrollment of the account is a bit different.  You will need to add the service account to be available in the environment.  So in the Application Pool section of the screens above, you will click on register new managed account and the following will come up.


I hope you find this information helpful to get you going and finding your way around.

My plan is to cover those essentials in more detail in the next series of posts.

Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 7:55 PM SharePoint | Back to top

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