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Editors' Thoughts Aggregation Thoughts for 2006

1. To start, my first observation about TechEd Day 0 and the evening keynotes is not very many people are blogging about their experience. This leads me to think we have an issue with Wireless in the keynote room, you guys aren't blogging, or you didn't attend. In our case, we didn't attend. Every year in the past the Keynote has been the biggest event for bloggers, but that was when it was scheduled in the morning and people were excited about the day. Maybe we will see more session coverage this year instead.

2. This is the first year I have sat in the Hands-on-Lab area with WiFi!!!! Amazing, the CommNet team and done an amazing job. On every table here they have a switch just incase the wireless gets spotty, and I believe that was the number one complaint about TechEd Orlando.

3. Outline Blog posts! During aggregation, our approach is to find the best and most unique quote in a post to make sure we don't republish the same information over and over, but instead publish your thoughts and drive bloggers to you. When you publish an Outline blog post (I, II, III, 1., 2., a., b.), we don't have too many options for quotes and your readers only get a skeleton of the event and not your actual thoughts. What I suggest is to give at least 2 sentences of your thoughts about the event before going into your outline.

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