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I'm on my way to TechEd number 8 for me! I've been to every TechEd since 1998. Whats my favorite part of TechEd? No doubt, its interacting with all the geeks that are there! There is so much energy at TechEd (somewhat brought on by the unlimited supply of sweets and carbonated drinks, but also by the geek stuff too).

Here's what I remember from TechEds past (notice I can't remember anything about the technology - sorry, TechEd is so much more thant that): 

TechEd 1998 - New Orleans - This TechEd is legendary. You just can't beat Cheap Trick and Steve Winwood in the Super Dome!
TechEd 1999 - Dallas - Lets have a party on the conference center front lawn with Blondie. No thanks!
TechEd 2000 - Orlando - “I’m not Bill Gates, but I do play him on TV.”
TechEd 2001 - Atlanta - Visual Basic Birthday Party!? Gimme a break! How about a VB funeral at TechEd 2005?
TechEd 2002 - New Orleans - What happens in N'awlins, stays in N'awlins - that means you ActiveNick!
TechEd 2003 - Dallas - Sitting on the ground out in front of a closed Starbucks at 6:00am to aggregate the new TechEd Bloggers over their wireless - rock on!
TechEd 2004 - San Diego - Cabana, Cabana, Cabana, it was all about the Cabana.
TechEd 2005 - Orlando - Here I come!

Any favorite flashbacks that you have?


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