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Life has been pretty nuts getting started as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. Since my wife and daughter are in Japan for two months, I've been doing a lot of travel around the Great Lakes District (Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky) to meet with user groups and community leaders. We have a lot of incredible talent in our district, including great authors, speakers and leaders. One of my personal missions is to show this great community to the world and highlight Great Lakes District as one of the best places to be a professional developer.

This weekend I'm in Kansas City meeting with Jeff Julian and John Alexander. They'll be helping out with my TechEd Bloggers duties, so we can keep that thing rolling. Subscriptions and item reads are increasing and we expect TechEd to be absolutely great this year both in-person and through the blogs of attendees.

One of the exciting things I get to do is help grow existing user groups and start new user groups. Jim Holmes is starting a user group in Dayton, Ohio that is really coming along. He's got a facility, meeting date and a few speakers already lined up. We have an exciting year ahead that promises to be rewarding for everyone involved in the .NET developer community.

What are your plans around community this year? Grow a user group? More code camps? Start a blog? There's lots to talk and learn about, its time to mobilize and kick our community up a notch! :)

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