Can't get enough during the day?? Check out these sessions, all are interactive, not presentations. You get to ask lots of questions and add your own opinions and experiences! These are all posted on the Teched site and can be added to your personal calendar from there....

Sponsored by INETA and Culminis!! Check at the BOF table at night or the INETA community lounge during the day for last minute changes.

Time Room Host(s) Topic
6:30 PM Cabana 1 Scott Hanselman Software Factories: Making ASP.NET Server Controls simpler
6:30 PM Cabana 2 Keith Pleas Migrating VB6 to VB.NET
6:30 PM Cabana 4 Gabriel Torok .NET Code Protection
6:30 PM Cabana 6 Fritz Onion Asynchronous request processing in ASP.NET 2.0
6:30 PM Cabana 8 Mitch Ruebush Making YOUR Software Development Process Fit into Visual Studio Team System
6:30 PM Cabana 10 Kit George Performance Engineering: building a performance culture in your organization
6:30 PM Cabana 12 Todd Follansbee Taking Your Product To Market
6:30 PM Cabana 14 Chris Haaker Information Technology in Small & Medium Sized Enterprises: Doing More With Less
6:30 PM Cabana 16 Abraham Martinez Hacking Exposed
6:30 PM Break-out Darrell Norton Test-Driven Development is Design!
7:45 PM Cabana 1 Rob Foster and Mike Houston Best Practices in SharePoint Development
7:45 PM Cabana 2 Mike Sax Components: Buy vs. Build
7:45 PM Cabana 4 Jean-Luc David XAML vs. Windows Forms
7:45 PM Cabana 6 Dan Wygant CAS and NoTouch Deployment
7:45 PM Cabana 8 Don Demsak XSLT2, XQuery and Saxon.Net
7:45 PM Cabana 10 Julie Lerman Women who Code
7:45 PM Cabana 12 Ed Cowen Preparing for a MBS Great Plains install
7:45 PM Cabana 14 Ron Gandiza The Project Management Issues Facing IT Professionals
7:45 PM Cabana 16 Jackie Goldstein What are MS Patterns and Practices and Why Should I Care?
7:45 PM Break-out Aaron Skonnard and Tim Ewald Contract-First Web Services: Step-by-Step
9:00 PM Cabana 1 Rob Steward Performance optimization and database access in the enterprise environment with ADO.NET
9:00 PM Cabana 2 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
9:00 PM Cabana 4 Scott Bellware Data Access for Business Objects with NHibernate
9:00 PM Cabana 6 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
9:00 PM Cabana 8 Josh Ledgard The Developer Community and the Role Microsoft Should Play
9:00 PM Cabana 10 Mark Dunn BizTalk Server 2004 Solutions: Build vs. Buy
9:00 PM Cabana 12 Chris Haaker Working with ISA Server 2004 (was: ISA Server 2004)
9:00 PM Cabana 14 Ed Roberts Deploying and Managing Small Business Server (SBS) 2003
9:00 PM Cabana 16 Kai Axford Microsoft, Security, and You
9:00 PM Break-out Juval Lowy Preparing for Indigo