The event went very well with ~ 250 participants covering many technologies. More General info at: and they posted some photos at:

Booth traffic for was good although the Microsoft and Unix camps don't mix too much.

Joe Healy our Microsoft Developer Evangalist from Tampa gave a 0 to .Net talk, Shervin Shakibi, Florida .NET founder and local celeb covered new features in ADO.Net, David Silverlight, a frequent Florida .NET speaker gave a talk on Membership in VS 2005 and Carlos Rojas another local MVP and speaker gave a talk on SQL 2005 Snapshot Isolation.

The rest of the sessions covered open source software, flash, web services, itunes, hdtv, Sun thin clients, security in Fedora, cold fusion, oracle, osx, apache, sun java, IT Careers and a panel session on technology in South Florida.

What I like is to keep in touch with the UNIX / Linux community. I did work with Unix for over 10 years at Encore Computer and ran into a few guys I knew from those days.

Last year I tried the latest RedHat Linux and this year ubuntu which you can load on a CD and just boot without modifying any disk. It came up and runs a windowed environment that is very comfortable for a windows user. Not that I'm planning on switching anytime soon!! I still think the developer tools for Windows are MUCH better and easier to use.

The other thing I'm reminded of at this type of event is the anti-Microsoft feelings out there. Although I'm aware of it I hang out with Microsoft developers and go to Microsoft conferences. A large portion of it is just big bad brother Microsoft trying to screw (in “their“ opinion) the world. I chalk this up to technical religous beliefs and is mostly without much merit. I will say this actually made me a little uncomfortable in a couple of discussions (not the first time).

Apart from religion, one aspect is that “they” think that windows is too dangerous as everyone is trying to crack it and attack with viruses where as nobody bothers with Linux (that says something...). Maybe true but it is also making windows much more bullet proof much faster. With anti-virus/spam tools I have not had any major problems for the past couple of years.

Another is that you have to reboot windows all the time as it always crashes. Well this was certainly true for all the (what I call) DOS based windows versions... 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, Me. These gave and continue to give windows a very bad reputation. Once NT 3.51 or so was out I did not allow that other stuff in my house! XP and other NT derivatives have been very stable.