INETA (International .NET Association) will have a number of activites... The major ones planned so far are:

1. On Sunday, June 5th, INETA will hold a User Group Leaders Summit. This all day event is jointly hosted by both INETA (Developer User Groups) and Culminus (IT Pro User Groups). There will be both an IT Pro and a Developer keynote address plus common and separate sessions and a series of workshops. Any user group leader or people involved in the user group community is welcome to attend but you must register by sending you name, email, city/state and the user group you attend or run to:

2. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings there will be a series of almost 60 Birds of a Feather sessions that will be held in the cabana areas from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. As of this writing the detailed schedules have not been posted but this should happen within a couple of days.

3. INETA will have an booth / area in the community lounge. Details are still hush hush but will be available soon. Be on the lookout for the prized “INETA Badge Insert”.

To get the INETA newsletter which will have updates, up may subscribe at: