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It’s All About Expectation Management

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 4:42 AM

I saw this tweet from Gerald Weinberg today:


I’d expand on this – its not just managers, its our clients as well. With so much focus on “agile” and reducing the amount of wasteful documentation created, those that typically consume traditional deliverables haven’t caught up. For many, there still is a correlation between seeing a mountain of paper, or a 30 page Word document, or a 40 slide PowerPoint, and feeling like some “work” was done.

The “Value Driven Development” movement is still in its infancy, even with the adoption and success stories. So, we have two options – we can complain about it, or we can learn how to live with it while continuing to evangelize about the benefits of value over bloat.

The reality is that perceived value is still value, so what’s important – especially in a situation as Gerald mentions where management or clients don’t understand the work – is to find out what the manager/client values and deliver to that. That doesn’t mean you don’t discuss it. That doesn’t mean that if you see risks being represented in what a manager/client is asking you don’t question it and provide alternatives. But it does mean that you don’t slam the door on it – you don’t just toss it aside and ignore what their perceived value is.

The world isn’t perfect, primarily because its filled with imperfect people. The only way to get better is to engage and not dismiss each other, even if we disagree on value.


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