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Review of The Social Network

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1:48 AM

Every creation myth needs a devil.

That’s a line from The Social Network, the movie about how Facebook came to be, shining the spotlight on its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In this creation myth though, there is no one devil and nobody plays the saviour role. Instead we see a whole lot of grey. This surprised me, as earlier reviews that I had read seemed to suggest this was heavy on the anti-Zuckerberg camp and not so flattering for Mark. But I didn’t find this to be the case.

Instead we see, beyond the technology focus, a story about business, social graces, and relationships. In fact the technology is really more of a backdrop than a key player. The movie jumps around timeline wise, with most of the movie being played out in flashback sequences spawned by depositions from two lawsuits set upon Zuckerberg by a former business partner and also by a group of guys who suggested the initial idea of Facebook. This flow still works though, and you never feel out of place.

Watching the movie did take me back to earlier points in my career. A scene where everyone is coding into the night reminded me of late night studying at college, or staying up an entire weekend working on Crystal Reports before a product launch, or working together to get our suite of apps ready for a deployment. Some geek movies portray software developers in a negative light, or as a stereotype. This movie caught it pretty well though.

Definitely worth checking out, this movie is a solid 4/5.


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