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FireFox 3.5.6 is JUNK (especially for viewing Silverlight)

Monday, January 11, 2010 12:46 AM

So after updating the Prairie Developer Conference website with my snazzy Silverlight component with sweet fades, I get an MSN from my buddy Chris Williams.

I see a tan gradient background with a huge white box in the middle. No Silverlight.

Weird. I fire up Firefox on my machine and the Silverlight bit comes up fine! We start troubleshooting. Version of Silverlight? A-ok. Version of Firefox? He’s running 3.5.6 while I’m running 3.5.7. But, c’mon…that .1 couldn’t make *that* much of a difference could it?

Well, it did! Chris upgraded to the latest version and voila: Silverlight goodness!

I did a bit of digging online and found that other people were having issues with the 3.5.6 version as well and reporting crashing when viewing certain websites.

Unfortunately, because there’s nothing forcing people to update to the latest version, I’ve had to go with a non-Silverlight solution on the PrairieDefCon site, but it still gets the info across.

If you’re running FF 3.5.6 though, do yourself a favour and upgrade to the latest version.


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