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Made It To LA – SoCal Code Camp

Saturday, October 25, 2008 2:45 PM

I flew out at 6:15 this morning, stopped at Denver, and made it to LA around 9:45ish. After getting my luggage and picking up my rental, I had my *first* LA adventure: trying to find the univserity that the SoCal Code Camp is being held at.

Freeways were no issues, but getting to the university and *into* the campus was a bit of a challenge. Then there was finding parking, and finally finding the buildings that the talks were going down at…and now, here I am in Amanda’s F# talk (packed room too).

I need food…maybe…JUST MAYBE…this will be the day I have Chipotle.

Btw, I had my choice for my rental and I picked a Dodge Calibre. It’s very basic, so obviously no big frills…but I was expecting more from it. Or maybe I’m just spoiled by my Toyota 6 cylinder…because this little 4 banger is LAME. No give…not oomph…and when you’re trying to match speed merging on a California freeway, that is NOT a good thing. But it’s cheap and will do for the week.

Ok…need to focus on Amanda’s code portion…and then hopefully get some food.



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