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Sorry, But Weird Al Has Not Joined MSDN Canada DPE (But Joey deVilla has!)

Friday, October 24, 2008 9:49 PM

OH THE DISSAPOINTMENT!!! I read with much enthusiasm that MSDN Canada was replacing Jean-Luc David (who’s moving on to a role at Redmond…GL JL!) with ‘The Accordion Guy’! Now, I know like you whenever I hear the words ‘Accordion Guy’, you think of one thing: Weird Al Yankovic!


But NO! Weird Al has *NOT* joined MSDN DPE here in Canada. So then I thought, well maybe its the other Yankovic…and with his Yanks no less…


But NO! So it turns out that ‘The Accordion Guy’ is actually


Joey deVilla! Now some of you like myself, who don't live in Toronto and don't attend Ukranian night at the local pub, are wondering "Who the F*!# is Joey deVilla?" Well let me educate you...

From his bio...
- He's the Thrilla from Manila
- He's married to a ninja named Ginger
- Looks Asian, but dances all Bollywood
- Has an affiliation with cities with teh suck sports franchises

Now, some other points about Joey and why I think he'll fit in just fine with the Canadian .NET community...

He has a fascination with senior citizens and their tongues.

Joey commited one blog post in its entirety to Republican candidate John McCain and his constant tongue-hanging-out-ness. Word has it that Joey used only a few of his hundreds of photos he's got stockpiled of random old men sticking out their tongues.

He's familiar with slumming it to pay the bills.

Say...what's that in the background?


He’s not afraid to buck social trends…

…and drop a major duece in the women’s bathroom at Logan International Airport! Although a word to the wise: if you meet Joey in an airport, check to see if he’s actually washed his hands when you see him emerging from the can.

And finally…he’s not afraid to take a shot at his new employer.

What did Joey do to announce his new position at Microsoft? He did a blog post entitled ‘Hail Satan! (or: Day 1 at Microsoft).

So although he’s no Weird Al, I think I speak for all of the Canadian developer community when I say “Welcome Joey to a whole new education in things like Transformers, Metrosexuality, Bull Semen Collection, Gun Racks, Avoiding Paying Taxes, Horrible Taste In Hockey Teams, and all things goat.

Looking forward to meeting you at PDC Joey…expect an interview similar to this one.



# re: Sorry, But Weird Al Has Not Joined MSDN Canada DPE (But Joey deVilla has!)

Glad to see you've met a Pinoy who rocked your world. :P 10/24/2008 10:35 PM | Jon Limjap

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