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Can BizTalk Developers Have Fun At PDC?

Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:47 PM

Ok, so I get it that there's an SOA and BizTalk conference happening in January in Seattle...and there's a roadshow that's ongoing this fall/winter to bring a smaller version of the Seattle conference to various cities. But does that mean that no BizTalk sessions could be added to PDC?! BizTalk 2009 is one of the most significant jumps in the platform, allowing for Visual Studio 2008 integration among other things. And yet when you look at the topic cloud...


So what does that mean if you're an SOA geek and want to get something out of PDC that you can take back to your team and say "There's some great new stuff coming out in the EDI, ESB, and SOA areas for us!"?

Cloud Services

This is going to be a buzzword for the next few years, but the idea of cloud computing and what that means, especially for message-based architectures, is something that shouldn't be downplayed. There are some great talks that explain what cloud computing is and what development looks like, but for something specific to SOA check out Clemens Vasters talk "Service Bus Services: Connectivity, Messaging Events, and Discovery" on Wednesday.

Oslo, Dublin, WCF, and WF

All of these technologies seem to overlap when looking at the session selections, so I've grouped them together here. Oslo is a modeling tool/language, WCF is the Communications Framework, Work Flow deals with...well, work flows, and Dublin...I'm really not sure, but it seems to be some add-on component to the server platform for hosting WCF and WF services (don't quote me on that, and feel free to correct me/enlighten me). Either way, this collection of technologies are worth your while to investigate, as they'll have the most impact from an SOA/BizTalk developer perspective.

And...really that's about it. I'm looking forward to the Silverlight sessions and some of the new stuff with Windows 7, but honestly I'm really bummed that they didn't put anything in for BizTalk 2009. I guess they're waiting for the SOA conference to drop all the goodies there.



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