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Twin Cities Code Camp Recap

Monday, October 13, 2008 10:18 PM

I got back early this morning from a weekend away at the Minneapolis based Twin Cities Code Camp organized by Jason Bock of Magenic and featuring a slew of great presenters.

I was down to do a “What is BizTalk” session while my buddy Juan Larios did a talk on Sharepoint. I like having alot of interaction in my sessions, including between attendees, and we definately had that. Some in attendance had experience with BizTalk and were able to give their real world experiences and answer questions that others had…it was a great learning experience all around and I got some great ideas of how to improve the talk for further engagements.

I unfortunately only got to one other session. We didn’t get into Minneapolis until 4AM Saturday (we left Friday night after work), and one of my buddies who came down with us to take in the Vikings game had some snoring issues that prevented us from really getting any solid sleep. So we got to the code camp late and ditched after a post-lunch session that we sat in.

That session though was a great one: Donn Felker who did a talk on using the WF rules engine with WCF. You can get the code and presentation both from his website.

Another great Twin Cities Code Camp from the sounds of things (this was apparently their biggest crowd). Looking forward to the next one!



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