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Alt.Net - So what are we checking out today...

Saturday, April 19, 2008 12:02 PM

There are a TONNE of great topics scheduled here, but here's my list of what I'll be checking out today.

Microsoft vs. Mature Tools

This one should be a lively discussion. What do you define as "mature"? I'm sure many here would say that tools like NHibernate, NAnt, and other tools that don't come out of Redmond are considered *mature*, but what's the difference between those tools and what Microsoft provides? Both are created by teams of developers, but the key difference seems to be purpose (Microsoft is a business, most tools available are open source for the pure benefit of the community. Anyway, I'm curious to see what comes out of this and whether there will be any Microsoft supporters...or if this will just be a MS bashing session (I really hope not).

How To Scale Agile Teams

As a consultant (and even when I was employed by other companies), I'm typically on small teams...sometimes a team of one. So I'm interested to see what others have learned in trying to scale up teams using agile processes.


This is the talk I offered up, and I have a bunch of signatures which is great. In talking with my colleagues, there's a lot of feeling that Microsoft hasn't really provided all that they promised at last years ALT.NET conference. I'm looking for really honest feedback and suggestions that we can communicate to the team back at the mothership.

NHibernate Explained With Cartoon Bears

I think this title says it all...

Are we innovating, or just porting?

We have a huge amount of great development tools...unfortunately, it sort of feels like we're just coming late to the party. It's like we're taking everything that was already created and proven in Java and sticking an N onto the front of it. This isn't a bad thing, but what about *true* innovation? Looking forward to this discussion.

We're getting started...



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