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Why you need to look at SubSonic NOW.

Thursday, November 22, 2007 6:37 AM

There are a number of tools out there that will auto-gen your DAL from a database schema, most notably nHibernate. But another tool, SubSonic, should be on your queue of tools to research and investigate...especially if you're getting hot under the collar for the upcoming MVC framework from Microsoft.

SubSonic is an open source product that will automagically generate your DAL and supporting entity objects based on a database schema. I've been lucky to have Kent Sharkey here in the office the last couple of days to show us how the product works (check out his presentation tonight at the Winnipeg .NET UG on SubSonic if you're available), and it definately removes a bulk of the coding that you typically would write while still giving enough options in how the code is generated to make it adjustable.

But one thing has happened recnetly in the SubSonic community that's of note: Rob Conery, the guy behind SubSonic, has been hired by Microsoft. In a post from October, he makes this statement about his role at Microsoft:

"So that’s the deal: I’m going to work for Microsoft, and my job will be to build out SubSonic as the “sweetness” on top of ASP.NET and (more notably) the new MVC platform. SubSonic will be the convention-driven toolset for Microsoft’s new MVC framework. Someone slap me."

Note the "SubSonic will be the convention-driven toolset for Microsoft's new MVC framework" line. If that comes to pass, then SubSonic is about to get alot more attention than the current fanbase. As Kent points out in his blog, it probably will also attain the new moniker of "Microsoft Convention-driven Toolset 2008 for the Microsoft MVC Framework System for Microsoft ASP.NET (tm)". ;)



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