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Silverlight Is A Go...Take THAT AVG!

Friday, September 21, 2007 5:01 PM

Thanks to Chris5287 for posting the response below which outlines one way to create a new Silverlight project while having the free version of AVG installed.

"I had the same problem, if you dont want to unistall or shutdown AVG, even with the free version, you can stop the "Access Denied" problems by going into your Control Center on AVG, click on the properties of the Resident Sheild and in the Properties tab, deselect "Turn on AVG Residential Shield protection". If you want to stop AVG moaning at you for doing this, click on the General Tab and select "Ignore faulty condition of the component". Then click ok. Then when you've finished developing for the day, just knock resident shield and your good to go again."



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