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An Open Letter to WestJet

Friday, September 14, 2007 5:44 AM

Dear Westjet,


To drive from Winnipeg to Minneapolis, its 8 hours-ish (depending on the driver ;) ).

To fly Air Canada from Winnipeg to Minneapolis its a little more than half that...but you have to go through Toronto (!?...did nobody tell Air Canada that Winnipeg is practically DIRECTLY NORTH* of Minneapolis?!)

To fly NorthWest from Winnipeg to Minneapolis its about 1.5 hours each way...and you have to sell a kidney to cover the flight charge.

Hear my plea WestJet: we need a Winnipeg to Minneapolis route added!


*Ok, if you drew a straight line from the Twin Cities to Winnipeg, it wouldn't be a straight up and down, but its "practically" north...Manitoba does border on Minnesota.


# re: An Open Letter to WestJet

silly man... how else can we guard our sacred borders than by making it as inconvenient as possible for you Canadians to get in and stuff.

When do you get here, by the way? 9/14/2007 6:10 AM | Chris Williams

# re: An Open Letter to WestJet

Did you know that I am visiting the Peg? Tis true; the Christian Educators' Association convention is being held there this Oct., and so I'll be flying in for 2 nights and staying at the Marlborough (not my choice), compliments of the association.

Where's the good shopping in Winnipeg? Is there any!? 9/14/2007 7:31 AM | Mrs Loquacious

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