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Great Weekend/Bad Weekend

Monday, March 26, 2007 10:13 AM

It was a working weekend the past three days. I was working on a project that had a pushed up deadline of this morning, so it was giv'r time! That wasn't the bad part though. It's amazing how putting in extra time can be very invigorating when you end up feeling successful instead of wallowing through the mire of impending doom. I got about 9 hours of sleep in from Saturday to today, but I'm feeling remarkably refreshed (Red Bull and coffee can do that to a person though). I'm sure I'll be crashing by Wednesday though, in one form or another.

So if that was the "great" part of the weekend, what was the bad part? Well all things in life are balance, and when the "gotta work, gotta get this done, gotta focus on the task" takes full priority, other things inherintly will sleep. So...

Friday - I can't remember what I ate

Breakfast - wife's Olive Garden leftovers
Dinner - Steak and veg
Trip to Dairy Queen after grocery shopping.

(no...there was no "lunch")

Breakfast - McD cheeseburger and coffee (it was 11am...no more breakfast...running errands in between church services)
Lunch - McD Quarterpounder meal
Dinner - Hommade pizza

Throw in a good helping of leftover easter chocolates we bought for our Thursday night youth group and large amounts of Diet Pepsi to get the aspertane quota taken care of...and you can see that I was not the image of health and fitness this weekend. I even skipped hte gym this morning (ok, what part of 9 hours of sleep did you miss from above there?)

But, that was the past, time to get back on and giddy'up for the rest of the week. With the snow leaving, bike season is almost upon us...and that means an even leaner, meaner, vicious D'Arcy-Bod...oh yeah...I hear the call of the speedo...



# re: Great Weekend/Bad Weekend

I hear the call of your speedo too.

It sounds something like "Dear God! Not Again! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ze Goggles, ze do Nutting!!!!" 3/26/2007 11:25 AM | Boomer

# re: Great Weekend/Bad Weekend

Am I missing how a day full of McDs and pizza is going to get you to 245 lbs of RIPPED MUSCLE~!??

Get back on the horse before I beat you onto it!!

3/26/2007 4:41 PM | Justice~!

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