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CFL Week 7 Recap

Sunday, July 30, 2006 6:03 PM

2 for 2 again this week. Let's breakdown the games:

Winnipeg 29 - Hamilton 0
My Pick: Winnipeg :)

Wow, is Hamilton's backup quarterback HORRIBLE. Well, there's more than just the backup that has issues. What a horrible game for the Tabbies, and they travel to Winnipeg next week for a second helping of @$$ kicking.

Montreal 21 - Edmonton 13
My Pick: Montreal :)
C'mon people, it's Montreal! And Edmonton is still a big group of losers. Horrible mistakes by Edmonton, and at crucial times (nice interception in the last few minutes there Ricky). Sure, slow and steady may be the motto of the Als this year, but its all about which team has most points at the end of the game, and they're getting it done!

BC 28 - Toronto - 8
My Pick: Toronto :(
BC looked amazing last night...Geroy Simon was on fire, Dickenson was smokin'...Toronto looked horrible. Damon Allen obviously had rust being out for 6 weeks of action, and they just couldn't get anything going. Toronto has Montreal next week, and I'm sensing another loss for the boatmen.

Sask 19 - Calgary 9
My Pick: Calgary :(
Oh those tricky RoughRiders! Great special teams play, aggresive offense...the Riders looked awesome against Calgary...something that they haven't done so far this season. Calgary...man...what is wrong with those receivers? It wasn't Hank's fault last night...he was putting the ball right where it should be. Copeland had two money passes dropped, and there were wrong routes being run all over the place. Of course, this just adds to the mire of the West:

Team      Points
BC          8
SK          6
Cal          6
Edm        4

Whereas the East has huge gaps between Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Hamilton.



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