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CFL Predictions: 1 outta 4

Sunday, June 25, 2006 6:14 PM

Y'know, I don't mind being wrong when you have fantastic football games to watch like we did this week...lots of close games, lots of drama, and no blowouts other than the Winnipeg/Toronto game...but we'll get to that in a second. Let's work backwards since the SK/BC game just finished:

Sask 32 - BC 24
It took a game, but Karey Joseph and the Rough Rider offense finally came together, capping a 104 yard drive with a touch down. The Rider defense, which looked kind of shoddy throughout the game taking stupid penalties, came up huge with an interception on BC's final drive that added an extra 7 on the board. Good for Saskatchewan...although someone please change their stadium back to Taylor Field...Mosaic Field just sounds gay...although I understand that for 3.whatever million over x number of years, the name change does make sense for the franchise.

Edmonton 18 - Calgary 14
Oh how close you came Burris...how close to mounting an amazing comeback and sending the defending champs to a 0-2 start. But alas, not meant to be. A wayward pass and miscommunication between QB and WR resulted in an Edmonton interception and the end of the comback dream. Still though, Ricky Ray and the Esks haven't come close to lighting it up over the first two weeks. 18 points in this game, 14 points in the last game. Edmonton got lucky this week, but they better pick it up if they want to defend the championship.

Montreal 32 - Hamilton 14
The one game I got right this week. Once again the Allouettes look amazing, and as long as Calvillo stays healthy, they have nothing to fear. In fact, first place in the east is practically a given considering the trainwreck in Toronto. Speaking of...

Winnipeg 16 - Toronto 9
First off, Winnipeg fans should NOT get off on this win. Seriously, they scored 16 points off of a rookie quarterback making his first start and who obviously isn't ready to take the helm. Secondly, sure Ricky Ray didn't have anywhere near a stellar game, but I still think the biggest issue in Toronto, with or without Damon Allen, is the offensive line which is, ironically, offensive! Horrible...putrid...you can't let your QB get sacked so much...you can't let the defenders block the running lanes...and also, Pinball Clemons needs to have a good long talk with Kent Austin (Offensive Co-ordinator) that running an offense based around passing is fine IF YOU HAVE A QUALITY QB! But *edit Spurgyn Wynn showed that last week was a fluke, and consistency isn't there yet...and we may not know what consistency for this guy is until its about time for Allen to come back...which means, Kent, that you have to RUN THE BALL. You have an NFL-level RB with talent, use him! Winnipeg won because of their defense and Toronto's inability to do anything right. Kevin Glenn still struggled, and while everyone is just getting over their “Charles Roberts is the best rusher in the league”, maybe we should wait for a few games and see if Charles is the real deal. One game against a crap team does not a champion or legend make.

That's my rant. Only three games next week...Montreal and Sask have the week off. Edmonton comes to town for July 1st. Hmmm...I don't think I can stand to cheer for either team...guess I'll be watching it at home. What about the blackout you say? HD-TV baby, wooo! No more blackouts for me!



# re: CFL Predictions: 1 outta 4

What do you mean by no more blackouts for you??? We live 20 kilometers north of Selkirk and because of our postal code which is Selkirk they have blacked out the whole area!! If you can advise me how you get the games because you have HDTV I'd appreciate it.

Good comments on the games by the way. 6/27/2006 12:37 PM | Karen Barton

# re: CFL Predictions: 1 outta 4

Recently Shaw Cable had an offer to pay low monthly payments for their High Definition digital cable boxes. We picked up one, and have been enjoying high-def tv for the last month or so.

So last Friday night when Toronto was in town, I was so disapointed that regular TSN was blacking out the game. I thought "I wonder if their showing it on the TSN-HD channel" Sure enough, not only did I get to watch the game, but it looked AWESOME in HD.

I guess the feed must have been from a different timezone or something, or else the blackouts only affect regular channels.

D 6/27/2006 5:23 PM | D'Arcy From Winnipeg

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