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Yeah, you're a Dad too.

Sunday, June 18, 2006 7:26 AM

In cities all over, the pitter-patter of feet attempting to make something that appears to be pancakes or bacon and eggs can be heard. New golf bags and drivers will be presented and unwrapped. Those living in cities where its not raining might even be golfing today. There will be home-made cards expressing love and affection for being the provider, protector, and boo-boo kisser. Yes, its Father's Day today, and to all of you who have experienced what I'm talking about, congratulations, enjoy today!

But there's another group of dad's out there that share a somber kinship. We're the ones that have never seen our children, or have seen them live out only a brief life, or have lost their children later in their lives. Through miscarriage, sickness, or tragedy, our children are no longer with us.

Father's Day is for us as well, and its not a grievance of what we've lost. It's a celebration of who we are: men who love their kids, and are committed to the values of fatherhood. We live in a world where so many children are thrown away daily (literally and figuratively)...where men leave their responsibilities at the door...families where children are seen as annoyances or inconveniences.

Today, we remind ourselves that we've got a higher standard. To us fatherhood isn't just a title, its a virtue. And arguably, we understand better than anyone how precious children really are. So to my brothers, I wish you a happy Father's Day too; you aren't any less deserving.



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