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D'Arcy-Ed Day 4

Thursday, June 15, 2006 7:04 AM

I must say that I'm loving the transportation to D'Arcy-Ed this year. The busses are always running on time, and there are plenty of them. Plus, our bus drivers are so happy that we don't have to worry about silly things like drivers striking (but what are the chances of THAT happening?)

The main topic at D'Arcy-Ed has been “the project” and its been quite a challange. Everyone who's part of the sessions is very much heads-down in it though...going very well.

I won a prize yesterday...the prize patrol here at D'Arcy-Ed spotted me at a local computer parts store and supplied me with a brand new power supply for my computer! Who needs pocket pc's or tablets when you can get a new POWER SUPPLY?! (on a serious note, if anyone is experiening issues with their Radeon 9800 AIW Pro, check your power supply...ATI recommends a 300 watt supply, but I was running a 350 and I had issues...my new one is 460 and WoW played awesome on my system last night for the first time in a long while)

Tomorrow is the last day of D'Arcy-Ed...who knows what excitement and fun awaits for the rest of today and tomorrow?!



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You are priceless! Love the posts! 6/15/2006 8:17 AM | Amanda Murphy

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